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Easily Solves the Problem of AwkwardAngles To Guarantee You The OptionOf A Screw-Retained Crown

You’ve been in this position before: your dentist wants a screw retained crown but because of the angle of the implant there’s no way you can get the screw access hole in the right place, out of sight.

You’re going to have to resort to cement retained. The dentist isn’t happy.
With cement retained crowns there’s a higher chance of the patient suffering peri-implantitis, resulting in nasty inflammation on the soft and hard tissues surrounding the implant, leading to the loss of supporting bone.

Plus, cement retained makes future retrievability so much harder.
Luckily, next time you get a case like this, you’ll be able to tell your dentist you have a simple solution.

A simple fix to common problem

The Dynamic Abutment Solution offers you an easy way to fix the common nightmare of badly positioned implants and impossible angles, meaning you’ll now be able to say “yes” to your dentist when he asks you for a screw-retained crown.

Because you can angle Dynamic Abutments in any direction, up to 28°, with the push of a finger, buccal, labial, mesial and distal angles can be corrected instantly with millimetre precision. Simply tap the abutment into the correct position, add wax to secure the adjusted angle and cast in the metal of your choosing.

The magic of the Dynamic Screwdriver

The specially designed Dynamic Screwdriver is used to tighten the dynamic screws at any angle up to 28°.

The great news for you and your dentists is there’s only one Dynamic Abutment driver and it works with all the different implant systems. No more dramas about which screwdriver to use!

Compatible with the majority of implant systems

Dynamic Abutment Solutions are available for the following implant systems:

Ace Adin Alphabio Ancladen Ankylos
Anthogyr Ards Astra Avinenet Bego
Biogensis Biohorizon Biolok Biomet 3i Bioner
Biotech BTI BTK B&W Cortex
Dentaltech Dentis Dentium Dio DSP Biomedical
Eckerman Elite Medical Euroteknika Galimplant GMI
GT Medical Hi-Tech Imbiodent Implant Direct JDentalCare
Keystone Klockner Leader Megagen Microdent
MIS Mozo Grau MPI Neobiotech Neodent
Nobel Biocare Osseolife Osstem Implant Osteoplus Phibo
Proclinic Radhex SGDS Signo Vinces Straumann
Sybron Implants Solutions TBR Titanium-Fix Tri Dental Implants Trinon

And there’s more good news, even if the implant system you need isn’t listed above, there’s an excellent chance one of them will be compatible with the system you’re using.

Don’t wait for the next difficult case to hit your bench. Be prepared.

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