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     The only screwdriver you’ll ever need to use! It’s incredibly easy to adjust, tighten, or retrieve dynamic screws from your crowns.

     Discover the magic binding the whole Dynamic Abutment® System together: The Dynamic Screwdriver, exclusively available from Talladium UK.

     The unique hexalobular Dynamic Screwdriver lets you work with the most inaccessible screws in the most hard- to-reach places.


     The Dynamic 3TiBase offers the opportunity to work with different cement heights: 5, 7 or 9mm.

     It is specially designed for cases which require a taller height. The 3TiBase gives a greater support surface; the structure is stronger and more resistant, therefore structure breaks through height deterioration between the TiBase and the structure are avoided.

     To achieve maximum strength of the structure it is important to have the maximum support surface possible.

     For extraoral works, scanning is done by using the standard scanbody with the standard 4mm Tibase.

     For intraoral works, scanning is done by using the intraoral scanbody.


     These grade V titanium bases are applied with a gold coating to improve the works aesthetic. They are used with Cad-Cam structures made of Zirconium, metal and PMMA, and provide solutions to the individual or multiple prosthesis which need to correct the entry of the screw due to an unfavourable position of the implant.

     Titanium bases protect and improve the adjustment of the prosthetic part with the screw and also the structure with the titanium implant. Breaking failures of the zirconium structures are reduced and the passive fit in metal structures is improved.

     Dynamic TiBases® are designed to work with the 3.0 Dynamic Abutment ® system screw-screwdriver kit and offer correction of screw entry from 0º to 45º. They are also available in various gingival heights for cases where gingival margins are at different levels.


     The 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® system is unique and exclusive which revolutionised the field of dental implants and is the ideal alternative to titanium angulated abutments or individual dies made by a technician.

     They achieve a screw-retained prosthesis even if the implants have been placed inaccurately, so aesthetics need no longer be compromised - a solution for those dentists and labs who have not yet moved to digital.

     The 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® is made up of two pieces connected together by an elbow which works as a joint, whilst the chimney pivots on the semi-spherical base. The Dynamic Abutment® system corrects any angulation issues with millimetric precision up to 28º with full freedom of movement.

     Available in Cast-to Dynamic Abutment® 3.0 with Cobalt-Chrome milled base and Castable 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® made from superior quality sterile plastic POM.

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