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To All Dental Technicianswho Want to Enjoy Higher Profits with Less Work, Less Hassleand Fewer Headaches

If you’re struggling to maintain the prices you know your work is worth because of unfair competition, and you’re frustrated and angry at the rules and regulations you know are holding you back, but which others in the industry seem to be flouting, then your day is about to get a lot better.

Talladium UK’s Dental Lab Supremacy group is a place where you can come together with other dental technicians to voice your concerns on problems in the industry and, more importantly, fight for change.

Issues such as dentists sending work abroad to China, which is then coming back in to the country unchecked; unregulated in-house CAD/CAM Milling in dental practices; and the drop in quality of dental technology training; are all concerns that Dental Lab Supremacy members have been talking about.

This has resulted in one of the main dental technology associations approaching me to ask if they can work with Dental Lab Supremacy to push these changes through.

But Talladium UK’s Dental Lab Supremacy is not just a driver for change in the industry, its ultimate aim is to provide you with the business, marketing and technical knowledge you need to grow your business despite the recession, unfair competition and pressures the dental technology trade is facing.

Benefits of Dental Lab Supremacy Membership:

  • Monthly CPD Tutorials to take the hassle out of collecting your non-verifiable CPD hours
  • ‘Member-Exclusive’ Special Offers on Talladium UK’s products
  • Business and Marketing Advice to help you grow your business and encourage loyalty from your current client base
  • Industry News, special offers, recommendations from your peers, and daily marketing tips will drop into your inbox just after breakfast
  • Technical help from myself and your fellow members in the email group
  • Subscription to The Talladium Times, a monthly newspaper, where you can ask questions of your peers, showcase your best work and read tutorials to improve your processes in the lab
  • A Special Loyalty Reward Scheme when shopping for Talladium products online. You’ll earn points as you shop for your everyday purchases. You’ll find this a very generous scheme so this feature alone will be worth joining Dental Lab Supremacy today
  • A Dental Lab Supremacy Members’ Welcome Pack – full of useful information about the group, how to access the Private Members Area and Resources, information on the Loyalty Reward Scheme, and your New Member Introductory Bonus Points Voucher. Plus you’ll also discover a couple of lovely surprises inside the pack

So what’s the catch? How much is membership of Dental Lab Supremacy going to cost you?




So why am I doing this?

Because writing a daily email, publishing a monthly newspaper, putting together a monthly tutorial, creating regular member offers and organising the whole thing is a lot of work.

I’ll tell you the honest answer – Because I’m hoping if I give you all this value for free, way above and beyond what you would expect from a dental lab supplier, you might in turn think of me first when buying materials and equipment for your lab.

It’s that simple.

Most people would shy away from so much work, but then I’m not most people. And I don’t think you are either.

So what do you say? Are you in?

If so, jot down your details, and I’ll send you your Welcome Pack today.

Join Dental Lab Supremacy NOW for:

  • Free Online CPD Tutorials
  • Exclusive Member Offers
  • Business and Technical Advice
  • Loyalty Points Scheme