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     Flexite Flexible Partials and Dentures are made with the very best medical grade thermoplastics. With Flexite you have a choice of many allergy free, biocompatible plastics.

     Clasp-Eze Preformed ready made clasps are easy to use and made with Flexite Supreme high molecular plastic

     These time-saving clasps can be adapted easily with a special heat gun or needle point flame.

     Will not blister or burn plastic.

     Available as single clasps or in packs of 12 in the following colour shades:

Pink and Clear
New Hue 61 = Vita A1
New Hue 62 = Vita A2
New Hue 65 = Vita A3.5
New Hue 66 = Vita A3
New Hue 69 = Vita C2
New Hue 77 = Vita D4
New Hue 81 = Vita A4

“We have been using Flexite for several years. The main benefits are versatility and ease of use. The quality of the results is excellent. We make a considerable amount of flexible prostheses with the demand increasing, which says all you need to know about the quality and what our customers think! Offering flexible restorations has helped expand our products and added another revenue stream. I would certainly recommend Flexite materials.”

Steve Tyler

Maurice Hood Dental Lab,

Oldbury, West Midlands

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